Wibowo Sulistio

Web Designer and Developer

I do full-stack web development with WordPress, from server at the back to UI at the front. Focusing on elegant, responsive, performant, scalable and secure websites that are intuitive for both site visitors and admins. Working on commercial client projects, probono non-profit projects, public-service projects and smaller volunteer and personal gigs. Anything from design-focused builds and complete rebuild projects, to custom builds integrating with and between 3rd party APIs and services.

Variable Inspector PRO

Work smarter and faster with your PHP $variables in WordPress

Use it for PHP dev and debug work in your desktop code editor, on-site tools like Code Snippets, WPCodeBoxScripts Organizer and Advanced Scripts, or page builders like BricksOxygen and Breakdance. Also useful in local environments, with or without Xdebug or Ray.
"It's really practical for those of us that work mostly with snippets using WPCodeBox (or other snippets plugins). I'm happy that I can debug using this instead of var_dump() and die() all the time."
~ Ian K.
"I used to use Ray locally, I'm also using Xdebug a lot .. if I need to debug some variables, I use Query Monitor. I bought this, because the UI is nice, it has all those good features from both worlds."
~ Peter Morvay
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