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Variable Inspector PRO

Work smarter and faster with your PHP $variables in WordPress

Inspection Dashboard

Instead of echoing or inspecting your $variable on a page where your PHP script is being run, you can view them in a central dashboard for reference anytime, along with other related $variables in the feature, enhancement or bugfix you're working on.

Advanced Viewers

Go beyond var_export, var_dump and print_r with a set of advanced viewers that allows you to deeply inspect your $variables. Especially useful for traversing and dissecting long and complex arrays and objects.

Categorize, Annotate and Filter

For bigger projects, being able to categorize and annotate your $variables at various stages in your code is the difference between working hard and working smart. Filtering them on the dashboard allows you to diligently work with them further.

Inspect in Production, Dev and Local

Use it for PHP dev and debug work in your desktop code editor, on-site tools like Code Snippets, WPCodeBoxScripts Organizer and Advanced Scripts, or page builders like BricksOxygen and Breakdance. Also useful in local environments, with or without Xdebug or Ray.
"It's really practical for those of us that work mostly with snippets using WPCodeBox (or other snippets plugins). I'm happy that I can debug using this instead of var_dump() and die() all the time"
~ Ian K.
"I was looking for a tool like this for a while. Great solution!"
~ Marco Frodl
"I have used it for a couple of days and it has helped me a lot to go faster when debugging."
~ Javier Sor
"I've only just started using it and it really helps me get my head around the code of a plugin I'm trying to customise"
~ Tim Dickinson
"I've been testing it and I really like it. It helps a lot and saves a lot of time in development. It's also compatible with Oxygen, Bricks, WPCodeBox, etc."
~ Juan Jose Gonzalez,


One-line vi() and vis() Inspectors

vi() is for inspecting in PHP files and includes info of the file path and inspection line number, useful for cleaning up inspection lines after. vis() is for inspecting in code snippets plugin or custom code module in page builders. Optionally categorize with colors and annotate with short description to provide context for your $variables.

Advanced Viewers #1 and #2

dump_print_r is like var_dump and print_r combined, and dump_print_tree allows for toggling data nodes, which is especially useful for getting an overview of long and complex arrays and objects before viewing node(s) of interest.

Advanced Viewer #3: kint

Table view for multi-dimensional arrays, capability to search inside variables, get access path to a specific data node, pop-up window viewing and advanced info for your complex objects, e.g. available methods and static class properties.

Add Counter and Categorize with Colors

Add counters to your $variables, which can be the loop iteration counter $i as you inspect each $item in your array or object. You can also mark $variables with different colors (green, orange, red, purple, blue or gray) as they enter different stages in your code.

Filter by Name, Type and/or Color

Easily filter and find $variables across different stages of your code for easy inspection and comparison.

Individual and Bulk Deletion of Inspection Results

Easily clean up your inspection dashboard from obsolete results you no longer need to reference.

Get It Now

"I just bought this! Great plugin - thank you for the hard work!"
~ Tim Dickinson
"I used to use Ray locally, I'm also using Xdebug a lot .. if I need to debug some variables, I use Query Monitor. I bought this, because the UI is nice, it has all those good features from both worlds."
~ Peter Morvay
"Worth the buy! It is really good... great for debugging. Specially, when you want to write custom code or understand some snippet ChatGPT gave you."
~ John D
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Not Ready for the PRO Version?

A free version of Variable Inspector is available without the vi() and vis() inspectors, advanced viewers, categorization, annotation and filters. Inspection dashboard is also limited to 25 results. This should be useful enough for simpler inspection requirements.
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